Mahaganapati represents the Universal Consciousness, and Shakti on his lap represents his Energy, the manifesting Self. A relationship that thrives in every iota of this Creation. He is, and she becomes, a changing flow that loops in his fathomless eternal existence. They create this entire field of experience, together they are this world This temple is inspired to bridge the gap between the form and the formless. It has been established to motivate the act of worship in day to day living. An act of reformation that makes the ritualistic pattern simply love-based and not fear based. In the silence of this charged environment, one can experience the presence of the Self in the self.
The true essence of Bhakti Gyaan and Karma culminates to a point here. A ritualistic invocation appeases the lord in the morning and evening. The visitors are allowed to offer their hearts and prayers in silence. elaborate public ceremonies creating environmental and administrative chaos, is not practiced here. The constant awareness of his presence amidst the forest, mountains and the Ganges, is the source of invocation. Seekers coming in groups are therefore advised to come in a silent row to take the blessings of this majestic lord. They may sit for meditation or japa for as long as they wish. Mantra initiation is given by Maa on regular basis, one can receive personal spiritual guidance here as well.

This temple is also a Atharvashirsha Upanishad kshetra. This Ganesha Upanishad is the hymn that invokes the Lord here. Printed copies of the Mahamantra japa practice guidance, and the Upanishad script, is freely available for seekers to study and grow.

Mahaganapati witnessing and sitting by the Ganges, creates a transcendental vibrational field of supreme bliss and eternal joy for everyone. Silence invokes this supreme consciousness in each one of us. 3 Pm to 5 Pm is the time dedicated for satsang and question answers. Spiritual seekers can come here to know more about Indian philosophy or our cultural spiritual tradition, they can participate in this open session with Maa.

Visiting groups can book a satsang slot for their members by taking a prior appointment. Maa gives a guiding talks on Indian Philosophy, Meditation, Healing practices, Vedanta, and Spiritual Sadhana Visit to the Temple is free for the evening Satsang, Donations are welcome.

Thanking each one of you umpteen times for your divine presence on earth, may the Lord shower you and your families with unbounded blessings, at his Feet and Seva.